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  1. Can vinyl tubes stand gasoline?

    The Pit Area
    I got some clear vinyl tubes and it says the tubes can be used for chemicals, gases (like air), and greases but can it withstand gasoline? Will it be alright to used it to connect gas tank to the carburetor?
  2. Neoprene hair glove

    Cycle Angels
    While on my quest to prevent my hair from becoming the tangled mess it usually is after riding, I've come across these neoprene "hair gloves" that are intended for all extreme sports. There are some solid color ones on the second page that I would like to give whirl. These look like my best...
  3. Getting a bike inspected in MD <rant>

    The Grandstands
    I went down to my local Suzuki dealership on my birthday, since I had the day off, to get my new (new to me) Hayabusa inspected, so I could get it registered in Maryland. Unlike some states, Maryland does not require annual inspections; just at the time of purchase, before registration can be...
  4. For the girls: Who's had orgasms on bikes?

    The Bedroom
    So who's had an orgasm from the vibrations of a bike's engine? What sort of bike was it, and were you riding it or were you the passanger?
  5. Early signs for valve adjustment?

    Help me fix it....
    What are some early signs you will hear/see on your bike that will notify you that your bike may need a valve adjustment soon?