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  1. Last person to post in this thread wins.

    The Poser corner
    Ok, last person to post in this thread wins. MODS/ADMNINS are not eligible for competition due to rez's blatant abuse of power :redflip ok, no one liners plz...
  2. Word association thread

    The Poser corner
    Okay, I got this from another board... Rules: the person before you enters ONE word you have to enter ONE word that you associate with that word. It can be any word you associate with the previous word. example: person 1 enters: Beer person 2 enters: Drunk Person 3 enters: Stagger etc...
  3. CF Picture knew it was coming!

    The Grandstands
    OK, someone had to start it sooner or later.......lets see ya:D Me at my sis's wedding this summer...and yes I cut her out so all you leg humpers wouldn't PM me:redflip
  4. Hopefully Not gonna be work safe

    The Bedroom
    Let's try this again. GI I loved your first thread, and I apologise for any part I had in getting it killed. My only consolation is I can access the deleted threads and look at the best pics. And Damn girl, you brought H20 back. You get a medal for that. *Pins it on your chest.* *lingers a...
  5. In Honor of my Upcoming 5,000th Post, I'm Having a Little Poser Corner Contest...

    The Poser corner
    Yes, I just checked my profile a minute ago and just happened to notice that I'm nearing my 5,000th Post... :clap No, I'm not a Big Time Post Whore like some.. *cough* PrtclMn *cough* However, I think its important to honor this "historical" event with a giveaway and as many of you know, I...