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This is a little bit of water testing but if it can get sold before I ship out on the 6th of Jan than I guess I'll let it all go.


Good: No cracks or scratch (Close to new)
Used: Not new condition but still nice, maybe some small nicks or scuffs
Moderate: Light scuffs nothing major
Poor: Cracked or scratched all the hell up

Upper Fairing in Moderate condition, scuffs on both sides nothing major.

Left fairing is in Used condition, looks decent and has no scratches or scuffs on it, a few nicks in some of the stickers but nothing major.

Right fairing is in Moderate condition, light scuffs but again nothing major.

Headlight is good, no flaws looks good.

Mirrors are Moderate and have small scuffs on the outer edge, probably from me riding my bike in the house and them hitting the doorway.

Tail section is in Moderate condition has some light scuffing on the right side.

Seat cover is in Moderate Condition, I dropped it so it has some scuffs going down the right side.

passenger seat is Moderate, some tears on the lower edges of the seat I guess from old age.

passenger pegs are In good condition AFAIK, there lingering around my house somewhere :)

Piece that goes under the nose is in good condition.

Extra upper in POOR condition, has 2 cracks in it and has been epoxied back together, looks like crap.

Will trade for race plastics.

I'll post prices later when I found out how much it's all worth :p, until than you can post lowball offers and get blown off or post reasonable offers and be considered as a potential buyer.

PM or email me for requested pics or contact me on aim Jetto Funk

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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