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'01 R1 for sale in NY

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Well it's time for me to finally get rid of my bike and move on to something else.

I have put alot of time and work into this bike... Cared for to the nth degree. Though it could use a rear tire and tail section to be considered excellent condition. There is some cracking on the top of the tail. No biggie. 12,700 miles I believe.

List of mods that will come on it...

Full Akrapovic exhaust
Ivan's jetkit with added dyno tuning
Goodridge -3 SS lines with EBC HH pads, only front
Dussault undertail with LED lights
Zero Gravity XL dark smoke screen
Total Front Fork rework with Racetech innards... 1.0kg springs, set up by Dan Kyle of
New sprockets, Sprocket Specialists steel w/ Titan Tough, EK superbike chain, 530#. Plugs and air filter changed at 10,000 miles. All this put on at about 9500 miles.

The mods I would love to sell with the bike but I doubt people will give me anything for them...

Scott's damper
Ohlins rear shock, 1.0 kg spring
OEM seat cowl

These I will sell outright if the buyer isn't interested.

Just changed the oil about 200 miles ago... Ready to ride, though like I said needs a new rear tire. Other than that it needs nothing.

Starting at 8,000 but will entertain all reasonable offers, read: or best offer. Will include ALL STOCK stuff except stock front brake lines and original fork springs... Have originall exhaust and EXUP with 100 miles on it. Have original windscreen with no miles on it. Have old sprockets, chain, shock, jetkit with settings to it, etc...

email me at [email protected] or [email protected]
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I'll trade you the f2 in this forum.:D
Add 7k and you have a deal. j/k

What's up with the links??
I have to add them all in again. :( Sorry Rez.
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