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01 zx9 engine 4 sale

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Hi guys , if anyone is looking for a new motor for a zx9 then post up or p.m. me . As stated ,it's for an 01 zx9 and it has approx 1100 miles on it ,yep 1100 mls ! .All it needs is a stator and stator cover .I bought it on e-bay about 3months ago (from a dealer) with the intention of building a 1/4 mile engine for weekend runs at Englishtown but several changes in my personal life have changed priorities .$400 takes it with free delivery within 40 miles of exit 120 on the G.S.P.

Full carb rack with airbox also avail - $150
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Contact me

99% Sure I want it depending on a couple of questions.

Check your PM's.

02silver - you've got mail ....:thumb
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