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1999 YZ400F - Opinion & Sale Info

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I think that bike is by far one of the best dirt bikes that I have ever ridden.
The power is like no other. It's almost like riding a streetbike on the dirt. The great thing about the power is that it is smooth w/ no suprises.
The only down side may be for shorter riders. The seat can be shaved and w/ the suspension set right, it shouldn't be a huge factor though.
The good thing about the height is you can take on almost anything.

I HIGHLY recommend this bike.

I recently tore a ligament in my knee and need to sell. Please don't let the fact that I am selling mine take away from my above opinion.
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My $'s an awesome bike. I had a YZ426F, and it was prob. the most adrenaline-producing experience I've ever had. I would wheelie in 4th gear off the power, no clutch necessary.'s not a bike for beginners. I bought mine after having my DRZ only a few months, eager to get a real MX bike. It could be hard to start, and made me feel like an unworthy wimp. It stalled easily. After breaking my ankle on it at the MX track, I grudgingly admitted that it was more bike than I could handle (well).

If I buy another MX bike, I'm scaling down to a YZ250F - they're FUN!
I went from the DRZ to a YZ too....totally different machines.

Don't get me wrong, both bikes are great...the DRZ is just a "softer" machine compared to the YZ. On hard acceleration the YZ will float the front end...nothing like I've ever had in dirt bikes before. It is a taller but yet thinner bike than say the Z.

I think I can ride the Z better, but then again, I haven't ridden the YZ as much as I just picked it up this spring. (after missing getting rid of the Z)

Anyhow...thought I'd add my $.02.

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