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2003 Grandstands Fun Times

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Well this being the last day of the year, what's been your funnest moment in this infamous room from the last year?

We've had plenty to talk about for sure. We've seen the dawn of the post whores, the non-stop leg humpings, the memorable threads and members gaining quite the reputation on here. I thought it might be fun to look back today since we'll start off fresh tomorrow with another year of Grandstands Fun.

Personally, I have a new appreciation for lemon drop martinis, romantic drunks, and hilarious farts. Funny, all that goes back to Jester! :laughing

So much hilarity with some fun times guys and gals. :thumb
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Glad I could be of assistance...i think:confused

My best memory from this past year is learning about all of y'all on here and all the different people and personalities. So many really great people. So many people I would love to meet in the future.
Jester27 said:
Glad I could be of assistance...i think:confused
You know me, I have to start at least one sappy thread a month. :D All I see on TV this morning is remember this, remember that, so I thought, ah, what the hell. ;)
Some of the threads on here are hilarious and some are sad as anything. The "OWNED" pics are great and the pics of dogs stuck together and ugly ass mutant cats will forever be etched into my memory. :D :D

I've laughed so hard I've spit out my drink while reading some threads and cried when reading about some of the tragedies that have occured.

I will give some thoughts and say a prayer for the riders who are no longer with us heading into 2004.
My favorite was SD72GSXR's (err whatever his name is) response to the "What smilies really mean".
That day that I put +1 as a response. Damn, that was a good day.
Milo said:
That day that I put +1 as a response. Damn, that was a good day.
Good times. Yes, good times. AAaahhhhhhhh, the memories that stand out.:nanana
Hmm, well I'd like to forget the whole Avatar fiasco and focus in on the all the family oriented threads.
Such wisdom and ecouragement can be found here.*sniff*.....brings a tear...*sniff* my eyes....*sniff*
The threesome and the breast feeding in public threads were pretty amusing. :laughing

I've gotten to know alot of your personalities.. and you guys kept me company and entertained while my husband was at AirCrew school..and thats much appreciated. There will times in 2004 where I'll be lonely when he's flying, and I know that I can come on this board for laughs...and that means alot. :D
I don't think there's anything that stands out. I can think of getting pissed, getting sad, laughing my ass off. A lot like family! I still say though that one s n i g g post by someone (now I forgot) about balls being in mouth is the funniest to date!
the few months Jet was in basic training...good times..good times :nanana
All of the good advice from Excessa... +1

Jester's student who CF "adopted"... :thumb

The threesomes thread... :p

The avatar fiasco.... and resulting threads :rant
Pretty much everything... it's a great group of people in here and I'm glad I stumbled onto this place. :)

This is the only place like this that I've found that I really fit in. :shrug

:thumb to everyone. :D
I just remember having to prepare myself for lots of reading when Excessa post. j/k
How about the use of the word "shit " or " :shit " !!!
... this one time... at band camp...

Last year was one giant blur to me. I really dont remember much about it. If I didnt leave my computer here permanently, I probably wouldnt remember how to get back. :confused


this thread

infact..I might just move it to the poser forum. :nanana
This is the most cool place i've ever been a member of ... the only place with such good people with the same obsession (bikes;))...or post counts:redflip

but theres no thread that stands out ... all of them are a peace of the puzzle that makes CF what it is... dramma, tragedy, comedy, BIKES.
I'd also like to add I was both shocked and delighted that Milo knew so much ;)
LMAO <a href='' target='_blank'><img src='' border=0></a>
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