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This thread is for (re)introductions:
newbies, veterans, trolls, girls, boys, etc.

former R6 rider. (i miss my baby)
still got a dead 250 in the garage
and a pocket bike sitting next to it.

waiting for the right time for a new one.


EMAIL: padge206 at gmail dot calm
IM: you gota know to know.

ride safe and stay out of trouble.

that is all, please drive through.

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Name: Nico
Ride: GSXR750
Location: Issaquah, WA
cell: 425.785.8123
email: hiphopnicko AT gmail DOT com
AIM: hiphopnicko
MSN: [email protected]
Xbox: HypnotiqBeatz

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My name is Lidia, and I reside in Edmonds.

I sold my 250, so no bike :(
I enjoy the sport from a far :nanana

My AOL IM is: yelobug18

I'm 21, and getting ready to transfer to UW to complete my bachelors.

ummm, I've been all around the world, and English is my third language.

What else do you wanna know:confused

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Chris K.
Ride: 04 750 FTP Style
Location: My house
AKA: Bastard
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