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All things being equal, does a 4-1 produce more power than a 4-2 exhaust?

Here's the deal, I currently have a 4-1 Hindle on my bike (older system) with a 2.25" outlet. One of the exhasut pipes is slightly crushed from previous owner bashing something. Also, the can needs replacing due to a hole that has been temporarily patched. I have found a cheap (but in good shape) stock exhuast. Personally, I like the sound of my current one, but I like the looks of the stock. If I used the stock, I would most likely put on Supertrapp (or equivalent) slip-ons.

Also, when I did the carbs, I noticed that it still has stock jetting even though it has the 4-1 system. For my current system, should I be using a Stage 1 or Stage 3 jetting scheme?

Also, is a Stage 7 worth doing? If so, does anyone have a spare carb body (no stripped threads). I asked about the carb body on the other site, but I thought I'd ask again here.

Thanks in advance!
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