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So if it was offered here in the US, would you consider it?

I think I would simply because State Farm pushes my bike up in the insurance brackets with the liter bikes. At least with a 600, I could keep the naked good looks, decent power and cheaper insurance.

Liquid-cooled4-stroke 16-valve DOHC inline-4

Max. Power output
95.3/PS/12,000rpm (DIN)

Max Torque
6.3kg-m/10,000rpm (DIN)

Dry Weight


How 'bout you go get the ball
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Add a seat cowl, erion exhaust, clip-ons, smaller mirrors, small custom fairing and that would make a nice commuter.

Probably make a great beginner bike for several reasons.
1. Won't out grow it in a year.
2. cheaper insurance (like hondasarge said)
3. I would imagine a hugh aftermarket for it.
4. And if its made by Honda I would think that it would be pretty darn reliable.

So yes I'd consider buying one, but I already have all these characteristics in my Speed Four!!:p

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Before buying my SV, it certainly would have warranted consideration if it hit the same price point... after all, aside from the SV, what totally naked (standard/sport standard) middleweight bikes are there for 6 Gs or less?

The new-for-'91 Honda Nighthawk
(hmm, not terribly inspring)
Theoretically, the HD Sportster 883
(In practice, pushing NINE GRAND at the local stealerships, and not exactly a sportsbike)
Suzuki EX500 and Bandit 600
And, uh... Buell Blast?

Although i've got no idea what the HP/torque figures come out to in US measurements (single-digit torque figures don't LOOK particularly impressive, do they?), i assume they're comparable, looks are decent (dig the underseat pipes), and supposedly the handling is pretty close. So, yeah, i wouldn't sell the SV to buy one, but it certainly would have been in the running when i was looking.

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