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6'4'' pants

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im 6'4'' 210 and i wear size 36 jeans.

I want to get some pants to ride in but im not really seeing something that i think is going to work for me. I am imagining that i am going to have to get a custom one peice when the time comes as well. am i wrong?
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yeah ur wrong.....i have joe rocket highside (2 piece) 6 4 235.......i wear 36/38 fits me fine....long enough and waist is good (although it seems my pants have some butt left over)

i think the only thing you have to watch out for is the euro suits, there sizes, whether its helmet or suits, seem to run a bit small to me
with racing suits though, the boots go on the outside, so length shouldnt be that much of an issue.. unless they come up to your knees:laughing
I have a size problem too, only I'm looking for SMALL gear. There are lots of size charts on the internet and I have found the manufacturers to be very helpful when I contact them with questions like yours.

My b/f got a smoking deal on a 2 piece at one of our local shops. 38 pants and 50 something jacket. First Gear. Keep looking, you shouldn't have a problem at all IMO.
First Gear makes leathers for tall guys. I'm the same dimensions and before I got my custom stuff I used the First Gear S-Pilot and Flightline pants for 2 years without any issue. Quality is good enough, it's not Vanson or anything, but it gets the job done. I wrecked with the jacket and it held up real well.

Though now the S-pilot has turned into the Z-pilot.
My bf is 6'3" and about 180. He wears a size 34x34 jeans. He bought the Gericke Tribal jacket and Samurai pants for track days. They make their jackets in "tall" sizes. I think he got the 40 or 42 tall jacket and the 34 pants.

He bought them from

It was just over $400 for the suit. Rusty was real helpful, and he even had to send the jacket back for an exchange in size... no problems... The pants shouldn't be too short... especially if you're wearing a race style boot with them. He also bought the Oxtar boots from this site for $99.
I found some fieldsheer gear for about 75 for the leather pants. I think i may try them and then upgrade in the future if i decide to get into track riding. I'm sure that i want to but I have to find out if my work schedule will allow me to be home this year
I am 6'5" 240Lbs and wear a size 48 jacket and 36 pants. I ordered a JR Highside in size 48 and it fits very well. Only gripe being that there is some extra room in the forearms.....
i have a size 52 jacket and it has extra room but i may have bought it too big
ditto on the first gear....i have one of their jackets and its a nice fit.....first gear is actually a division of hein gericke if im not mistaken...
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