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929 rear bike stand?!?

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I got a LP Lockhart rear bike stand for Christmas and found out that it doesn't fit the 929 or so some web sites say.. each side of the 929 rear swing arm is at different heights?? So i called the place were my wife bought it and they stated that if you put it a the end of the swing arm it will work..

Should i take the stand back and get a brand that has adapters for the 929 or try out the one that i have now?? I don't want to mess up the stand and then have to take it back..

Why the hell would honda do this to the rear swing arm anyways dumb!!!

1 - 12 of 12 Posts makes a bike with a uneven swingarm and they don't even put spools on it.:rant

Get a pitbull with the shim. I have cheap stands and my bike leans wayyy over to one side. Kinda scary.:eek
I ran into the same thing when I bought the Handy Stands (when I still had the 929). I figured screw this, I'll just get the Pit Bulls and buy the shim. That way i can use it with any bike.

I'd take it back.
Get the PitBull with the shim, that's what I use and I have no problems or concerns.

(BTW, I got mine from TrickTape ;) )
I had the Handy 929 specific stand. Get it if your on a budget or the Pitbull and the 929 Shim if you've got the means....
Or you can just make your own shim...get a piece of wood and add it to the required height and tape it down. Doesn't work as good as a stand made for the 929, but it does work. :p
Swap in a 954 swingarm with spools, problem solved!
Pitbull with the shim if you can afford them or the Handy Stands which will run you $99 for both, front and rear. The rear one is designed to accomodate the 929 asymmetrical swingarm.

Handy Stands Package
i have the same stand.....just drill a hole on the left side 1 1'4" below the original hole and insert the pad through it...problem solved and you can use it for any bike as well;)
I was looking at the handy stands but i think i'm going to look at drilling a hole in the stand like Jaxon23 did..

Swap in a 954 swingarm with spools, problem solved!
Sirkbac, whats your address, you send me yours and i'll send you mine!!!:redflip
:D :D
CBR929 Junkster said:
Sirkbac, whats your address, you send me yours and i'll send you mine!!!:redflip
:D :D
I'll get right on that! Was easy enough to do.

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Thanks but haven't put it on yet, man your fast!!:D
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