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2001 Red/Black
o V2 Speedscreen
o LP Flushmount Clear Side Markers
o ProGrip Clear Tank Protection
o Hotbodies Racing Undertail
o Clear Alternatives Rear Lenses
o Rear Turn Signal Integrator
o Hotbodies Racing Rear Tire Hugger
o Jardine RT One Race Baffle Exhaust
o Power Commander
o Intuitive Frame Sliders
o Honda Black Tail Decals (originals are white)

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2001 Red/Black
o Zero Gravity Double Bubble
o LP Flushmount Iridium Side Markers
o Pro Action Rear Iridium Short stalks
o NWS Black Rear Tire Hugger
o Jardine RT One Race Baffle Exhaust
o Power Commander IIIr
o Intuitive Frame Sliders
o Scotts Steering Dampner
o Corbin Seat
o Helibars
o Mirror Extensions.

I gotta get those black tail stickers, it looks so much better that way.


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2001 Red/Black

-Devil Carbon Fiber High Mount Exhaust
-Targa Smoked Double Bubble Windscreen
-Targa Undertail
-Targa Hugger
-Targa Rear Seat Cowl
-520 conversion(stock gearing)
-Custom Rearset Adapters
-LP Carbon Fiber Tank Protector
-Carbon Fiber sprocket Cover
-Carbon Fiber Mid Chain Gaurd
-Carbon Look Frame and Swingarm sliders
-Sportbikedecals Headlight Cover
-Sportbikedecals Gas Cap Sticker
-Throttlemeister Cruise Control
-Ohlins Rear Shock
-Dan Kyle Reworked Front Forks
-Huge Industries Front Blinkers
-LP Cateye + LED rear blinkers
-and a lot of smaller crap I can't remember
This is an older pic, but you get the idea.

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Re: 2000 929 Canadian edition

jasv11 said:
way too much to list........
Jasv, what kind of hugger is that and where did you get it? :thumb

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I was thinking the same thing when I saw yours.

Ain't crunched it yet have you? Finally got your damage to this one fixed!:D

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2000 Honda CBR 929rr (yellow/black)
17k miles
Micron Carbon Fiber Slip-on
Power commander III
Removed Exhaust Cone
Scotts Steering Damper
Intuitive Frame Sliders
Goodrich SS Brake lines
CW Fender Eliminator
Second-Look Seat Covers
Pro-Grip gel grips
N-W-S Black Hugger
Tankslapper tank protection
Powerbronze Windscreen
520 Chain conversion-DID VM X-Ring gold

Trying to get ahold of a 954 swing arm next.


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2001 Red/Black currently 12,000 miles

-LP turn signals upfront
-LP Mini's in back
-Signal Dynamic LED License Plate light
-LP V2
-M4 Carbon
-Cone Cut off
-Painted front fender
-Rear Sticker removed
-Eagle 100w Xenons
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