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929rr clutch removal (factory pro shift kit install)

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Can anyone offer up any hints on doing this? I have a Factory pro shift kit and it says I need to pull the clutch to install it. Is any special tool needed to remove the clutch basket? The shift kit comes with only text directions so I don't know exactly how much I'll be removing when they say the "clutch assy". Just trying to get an idea before I apply wrench to motorcycle.
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If you just need to remove the clutch plates, normal hand tools will work. If you have to remove the clutch basket itself, you'll need the special clutch holder tool or an impact wrench will get it off as well.

I would highly reccomend getting the Honda service manual or at least going down to the shop and looking through it to get an idea. Buying it is the best thing I ever did.
Thanks, The manual is on my short list of things to buy right now...may be making it's way to the top after today. Oh well, I got all day to spend swearing at the bike doing this....and it's not like I'll miss any riding if this stretches out a day or two.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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