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'Twas the day of the NFC Championship game
And all through the lot

It was 20 degrees outside
But everyone was hot.

Another year gone by
To seem bit by a curse
When T.O. went down
Things couldn't get worse.

The faithful moved in
To cheer on their team
Another year we would wait
So sad it would seem.

Then all of a sudden
There arose such a clammer
Freddie, Pinky, & Westbrook
Started to hammer.

The most unlikely of things happened
With luck being our token
All the boys on offense
Started a smokin'.

McNabb lead his troops
Like a war lead by a king
For a battle to come two weeks later
In search of a ring.

The Green Legion cometh
As a proud 12th man
Helping their team to victory
Like no other fan.

And then it happened
Like a miracle some would say
Someone heard my Christmas wish

The rest of this story
Is yours to fill
Remember this team
Is not run of the mill.

They have provided us with a season
Some would call sheer wealth
But remember that no matter what
You still have your health.


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