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Yes, they exist and drag racers use them everyday.

It works like this:

You have an air source be it either C02 or compressed air.

You have an engine kill box <usually comes with air shifter>.

You have a solenoid <electric valve that the shift button controls>

You have a piston/actuator that actually changes gears for you.

You have a shift button.

When you shift here are the series of events that occur..

1. You hit the shift button
2. Your engine is killed for a number of milliseconds <you don't ever hear it die - it's that fast>
3. the solenoid is tripped which allows air or C02 into the shift actuator (looks like a tube with a piston in it). - this jerks the foot shifter UP <pulling it into the next gear>.

The engine kill helps save your tranny by making it easier to pull into gear.

Kill times are usually slightly adjustable depending on what brand of kill box you purchased with your kit. (MPS and NLR are two popular manufacturers of kill boxes).

You DO NOT use your clutch with an air shifter. You simply HIT A BUTTON when you're ready to shift. Often times they are used in conjuction with a shift light! :)
What if you put an air shifter on, and it works, but the clutch wont work when you're not using the air shifter?
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