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AMA Member???

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I am thinking about joining, is it worth it?
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Corprate Member here!!! :thumb
I was a member in the 90's (membership was required to race with CCS), but once I stopped racing I stopped renewing.

I'm conflicted about the AMA.

On one hand, the AMA seems to do a decent job of lobbying for motorcyclist's rights in Washington.

On the other hand, they've done a lot of damage to road racing in America, especially in the 90's. They really f'ed Roger Edmonson, who was doing a great job at getting road racing noticed and covered. (if you've got an hour read this link for detailed coverage of the Edmondson vs. AMA court case)

Continuing today, the racing part of the AMA pisses a lot of people off. Recent quote:

If the AMA got out of road racing entirely and just concentrated on the legislative issues I'd feel a lot better about joining them again.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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