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America's Fattest City is Now...

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Detroit! :clap

After three years of holding the title as America's fattest city, Houston shed the weight of the title. The city dropped to No. 2 on the Men's Fitness list of "fattest cities" in America. Detroit moved to the top spot.

Dallas ballooned from last year's ninth fattest city to third; San Antonio went from No. 13 to No. 4; and Fort Worth jumped from 16th to sixth.

Just thought I'd congratulate you Michigan Peeps on this prestigious recognition. :laughing
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Who was that chick here complaining that she cant gain weight? Kristin?
There ya go! Move to Detroit. :p
damn texas and all of it's fat people :shake :redflip
Way to go North Texas!! I'd like to shout out to all my good buddies at McDonalds, Wendy's, and of course, Whataburger, the Texas original!
It's cuz of the Tex mex here!
I'd like to give a BIG up to my homies in Detroit! :thumb
Hmmm... no California cities on there, how strange... Lotta east coast/northeastern quarter of the US cities, too...

And Philly? Naaaaw, c'mon. I thought cheesesteaks helped you to <i>lose</i> weight?? :laughing
It's only winter fluff. :laughing Thank goodness I'm not in Detroit. :laughing
kraken said:
It's cuz of the Tex mex here!
..and all the good BBQ places, can't stop eating
Now I have a new excuse....It the state I live in...:crackup :crackup

Man I love Texas. Plus everyone knows everything in Texas is bigger and better....:laughing
Man, just like my hometown Houston, choking when it's for a title....:crackup
kraken said:
It's cuz of the Tex mex here!
You got part of that right...
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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