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Hi all: New England Minimoto Grand Prix series.

Our last race this season is Nov 2nd at, in chicopee mass.

Next year, Brad, who runs, is backing off and will no longer maintain NEMGP series points. He will spend more time with family and he will still race, but not as often as in previous years.

So...for next year we will start keeping points inside THIS WEBSITE cycle forums, and also we will have the track manage and maintain the championship points tracking on

We are not backing off racing, instead we will step up the pace and have TWICE as many races next year as we did this year. In fact we can race every single weekend, so if any of you peeps form other locations wanna gather up and race on this kickass track, let us know and we'll barge in on an unscheduled Saturday and show you the way around the track :D

We will also run the track in reverse every other race to keep it interesting.

As always, we pit at 7am here, and start sessions at 8am on Saturdays. The track is worth it, we have a high banked high-speed corner, wicked chicane, and a steep gravity pit to challenge you nerves and traction :redflip

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