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You said, quote:
[ A manual tensioner will “always” be better than a spring loaded or hydraulic type. the auto-type tensioners can back-out during high revs on "any" sportbike leading to valve train damage or even severe engine failure due to timing chain breakage. a "properly adjusted" manual tensioner is a must for "any" high performance street / race bike .]

Sorry, I took what you said at face value. I was attempting to warn others of the less than enlightened advice you were giving. I see this sort of thing all the time on motorcycle web sites as well-meaning individuals pass out absolutely terrible advice and novices will rush right out and mess up their motorcycles. The key blunder in your above statement are the words 'always' and ‘any' high performance street bike. Your later posts seem to ignore everything you said. It’s a clever trick if you can pull it off.

I own a full service performance shop. We are building five to ten performance motors at any given time, so I’m well aware of the occasional application for a manual adjuster. But I’m also aware of the advantages of the industry standard (automatic adjuster). I have seen engines damaged by automatic cam chain adjusters but I’ve seen even more unfortunate situations directly resulting from installations of the dreaded manual adjuster. It boggles the mind to contemplate how many mangled bikes we would have if all were equipped with manual adjusters. It’s so easy to rattle off blanket statements when you simply don’t have a clue. As the saying goes, a little bit of knowledge can be dangerous thing.
Thanks for your very informative advice sir,even though im using an underbone type of motor cycle here in Philippines.i am very confuse if i will install manual tensioner in my all stock yamaha sniper150 you enlightened me so much.thank you in advance.good job!!!
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