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Arai Contact info?

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Anyone have the contact info for Arai? I need to get another side pod for my Signet GT and can't seem to find how to get ahold of them :confused
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Good luck! Arai does EVERYTHING it can to send you to a brick'n'mortar dealer. Their website is obnoxious you can't find any contact info.
I don't know arai's contact info off hand but you should be able to get one from any dealer that has a tucker rocky catalog.
search old post's, it is hard to find, BUT, somebody did post up the info...
I'll see if I can find that number for you. I had it in my computer but when my computer crashed, I lost that number. I had called them to get a replacement side-thingy that covers the shield-pivot mechanism for my Arai Doohan and they sent it to me free-of-charge.
Moomba, that number would be greatly appreciated. I've been waiting for 3 months on the side pods. They are on back order and won't be filled this next yr 04. My dealer says he has no control. I would love to give Arai a piece of my mind. $500 helmet that you can't use, what a waste.
cc rainman said:
Moomba, that number would be greatly appreciated...
I'll try to remember to call my contact on Friday to see if he still has it since I can't find it here. If you don't hear from me by Monday, shoot me an e-mail.

Happy New Year, everyone...
O.K. guys here's the lo down. Just got back from the NYC bike show. What a mad house, but I got good results. I found my side pods from a vender call "The Service Pavilion". They are authorized Arai dealer and they had every pod conceivable. Telephone #610-960-2245, their located in New Holland,PA. What a great bunch of guys, Good Luck:clap :clap :clap
Here is the elusive number not available to the general public. It was posted by another CF member several months ago.

Arai warranty services: 610-837-4210
Maybe this will help with future searches-

Arai phone number
Arai contact info
Arai email address
contact info for Arai
phone number for Arai

Arai warranty services: 610-837-4210
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