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We are getting a new racetrack here in is still in the development stages.. But we hope to be completed within a Years time.
We did a big bike ride when he was meeting with the financing institutions to show the support that we here would like for there to be Motorcycle track days.

He will have track days for the motorcyclist !! yea. Thought I would share this information as I know I have travelled out of state to make it to a track days... Any one willing to email him to show that you would be willing to drive a distance to participate and support his track, well it would be greatly appreciated.

ARKANSAS MOTORSPORT RANCH is a private gated facility located on 300+ acres. Members enter the park through a controlled access security gate (see view 1) and travel through a 20 acre grove of pine trees. The driveway continues into beautiful green pastures framed in a running white picket fence. The driveway is also flanked by tall Cyprus trees and a waterway of living wetlands.(see view 2) Secluded on the back of the property awaits 2 miles of adrenaline rushing asphalt which is yours for the driving and for afterwards a club house to relax or converse with other motoring enthusiasts.
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