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On August 23rd, everyone who reads this is invited to meet up and go for a ride over to the west side of the state. A goup of riders will be leaving the Amoco gas station in Ann Arbor (just north of 94 on State St) at 10:00 AM to head over to the west side of the state. We will be heading towards Jackson via Waterloo and some other back roads but will take I-94 from Jackson to Kalamazoo (just about an hour seat time).

In Kalamazoo, us east coasters will be meeting the west side riders at the Hooters on the corner of Andy Ave. and South Westnage. This is exit 76B (north bound South Westnage) for those of us coming along on 94. We should be here by 11:45 or 12:00 depending on stops on when we actually get going.

Eating at Hooters then heading out to South Haven for a bit. Hopefully, the riders from the this area have some good roads for us to check out. What we do in South Haven is up to everyone. If there is not much going on, I believe most of us would like to head up to Gingerman race track and check out their Second Annual Bike Fest. This sounds like a good time. Vendors, demo rides and a band (not sure if they will let us on the demos unless we have registered for the track day - maybe next year!).

From Gingerman, we will be heading up to Grand Rapids to hopefully meet a few more riders. I'll say it will be close to 5:30 at this point. I understand that 96 East is under some construction right now, so surface streets will be taken to avoid this. From Lansing, people may wish to split up and head their own ways, but for those of you who would like to continue, a group of us will be coming back down through Mason, Dexter Trail, 106 an Hankerd to the Shell station at Territorial and 23.

I would figure this to be an all day ride. People can come and go as they wish. I'll pass out maps for planned stops, contact and emergency numbers on the day of the ride.

PM or e-mail me with questions or concerns. I would like to get a head count of who is in so we don't leave anyone behind, but that can be posted in the main thread or PM'ed to me (with a cell phone or contact number if possible).

Thanks eveyone. Let's hope for great weather and a great ride!
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