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Bar End Mirrors. Info. please

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Does anyone have anything to say about these?? Seen them, own them? Are they Napoleons?

ebay mirror auction
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those are ken sean, I think..
they look like what I got in apackage deal for my old SV. They didn't fit that bike right, tho, kept hitting the levers no matter if I mounted them right side up or upside down.
I sold them for 5$.
Ive always bought mine at a bicycle shop they work great.

These are hard to beat for the money. Can be addapted to fit most any bike. I have them on my zrx1100 and my Speed triple. Tested to 135mph!!
They are very simliar to the Napoleon mirrors, I would say they are Ken Seans also. There are a few minor differences, the biggest being how they mount to the bars. The Napoleons thread in (needed for the Z.)
Hey, cool. Could you take a pic of your bike with them on it so I can see for myself?? I'm looking to buy some ASAP and those don't look that bad. Also, how is visibiality with those? Can you actually see good behind you and do you have any problems with them hitting the fairing when turning? Any info you have would be great. You are right, great price.
This should give you a decent idea of what they would look like. They work a lot better then the stock mirrors did. Those are the Napoleon barend mirrors. They are adjustable 360 degrees so you can mount them how you like.
Racing rice, nice bike!
I really want the Rizoma ones on the Motostrano site
But hard to justify the 240 for a pair...
yep 120 each side...
Do the Napoleon's need an insert (threaded) or do they just expand like aftermarket bar ends..
I'm currious to know what they'd look like on my Hawk now that I've got clip-ons...
Rice, man, why did you have to post those pics of your bike... I just fell in love again with the Z...:eek You realize that when I can get a new bike I'll never be able to make up my mind now!

p.s. I just put clip-ons my 250, I`ll have to post some pics. they look sweeeeeet:p
anyone using Hesa bar end mirrors?
Seen at Wild Hair
Sorta look like the Rizoma's but much cheaper....
The Napoleon mirrors thread on. You have to cut off a small tube to get them to put, but that was easy. I retained my stock barends, and used the bolts from the stock barends to hold the mirrors. I also used some Locktite to keep them from coming off. The bolts that come with the mirrors aren't long enough to use the stock barends. The stock bolts work, they just don't thread in real far. I haven't had any problems with this setup yet.

I like the Rizomas, but not the price.

Thanks for the compliments.
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