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Basic travel kit

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When you ride what do you "always" take with you? Tools, gear, etc.

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Tire plugs, allen keys, double ended wrenches 10-16 mm, Leatherman, small screwdriver w/interchangable bits and band-aids.

If I'm going any distance, you can add a Sig-Sauer .40 cal to the list.;)
Oh yeah...and zip ties and tubes of JB Weld..
JB Weld? Never heardof it. Is it an epoxy, the new equalivent of duct tape?
cruzinv92 said:
JB Weld? Never heardof it. Is it an epoxy, the new equalivent of duct tape?
Jb Weld is like an epoxy but it tacks up even's seriously like liquid steel when it dries.

I friend of mine crashed and had to plug a hole the size of a dime in his clutch cover to get home and JB Weld sealed it right up with no leaks.

Good stuff...:thumb
I take the tools that came with the bike plus extra screw drivers,
wrenches 10--at least 15mm, I also take tire plugs and I have to fix my minature inflator. I hate plugging the tire and not being able to reinflate the tire. Electrical tape, some extra fuses,
There are a few other things I just can't think of right now.
Me and maybe a helmet, if the bike I'm on has a factory toolkit stowed away it comes too. Also a camera depending on where I'm headed.
Don't forget the rain gear. I hate getting stuck out and being wet.
especially if I am on a long ride.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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