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:rolleyes Just thought. How many of you lady riders have had
more than one bike,And how long have you past your bike test
i asume you have to pass a test in the USA,to ride a bike. !
And what type's of bikes have you owend in the past.;)
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well - I have one bike that's registered in my name but 9 total in the garage that we ride...well, not in my garage right now, we're in the middle of buying a house so all the bikes are farmed out while we get organized. But together we've got 9 bikes. It's nice to have choices!!
Nice! :hail

I just have the one. :shrug
/runs to garage to take count again.

1 street bike
1 race bike
1 pit bike
Also kept in the stable
a little honda f3 and from time to time bunch of various bikes. Usually there is anywhere from 4-10 bikes at my house. :shake It gets nuts.
Hmm...I recently lost count. Let's see, the MZ Replica, MZ race bike, the TZ250 race bike, '72 Honda CL450 vintage racer, '70 Hodaka Super Rat (soon to be minimoto racer), '71 Hodaka Ace 100 B (restoration project), '80 CR250, '78 Honda Express 50 (Molly the mean moped pit bike). So that's 8 for me, plus my husband's 3...yeah, the garage is packed. Plus, it's fun to say you've got more bikes than your husband. ;) I have trouble getting rid of bikes for some reason. :confused
we have:
2002 suzuki gsx-r600 telefonica
2002 suzuki gsx-r1000
2002 suzuki gsx-r1000

by this summer we will also have added on a
another 1K
maybe 750 also.

unfortunately we are car freaks too so the money has to also go into the cars :rolleyes
I started riding four years ago at age 40. Living in Rhode Island then. Took the MSF Basic Course which gets you a learner's permit that can be exchanged for a m/c endorsement after 30 days. No horsepower restrictions or anything in the US, that I know of.

First bike was a VLX 600 Honda. Then I bought a 1200 Harley Sportster. Then I didn't ride for two years.
Picked it back up. Then came a Suzuki Intruder 800.

Then all hell broke loose. In about a year I bought and sold a bunch of bikes: and '02 Yamaha VStar 1100, an '03 Kawi EX-500 Ninja, an '03 R-6, an '03 BMW F650-GS, an '03 Ducati 999, an '03 Ducati Monster 620, and I just got a cute little Yamaha TTR-125 dirt bike. Never rode a dirt bike before. It's a little--different. I hope I'm going to like it.

Still have the Duc's, the Beemer, the R-6, and the little Yam. I too, just beat my husband--got 5, he's got 4. (His are a Yamaha V-Max, an FZ-1, a Moto Guzzi LeMans Rosso Corsa, and a BMW1150RS.) But he's looking at a KTM.....

I love all motorcycles! Flew airplanes for 25 years and said I'd never quit. One day I just got tired of it. I had just discovered bikes and, believe it or not, sportbikes are more fun than flying jets, in my humble opinion. Also scarier, sometimes!
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Got my "M" license in '87, took the test on a '75 Sportster. Since then, I've owned an '83 FXRS, '93 FLSTC, '94 FLHTC-SH (all traded/sold). Had a '01 GSXR 1000 but she was stolen.

Currently in the garage are: '02 VRSCA, '00 TL1000R, '99 FLHTCI, '99 Hayabusa, '98 TL1000R, 2 YSR's, '89 Sportster (dragbike), '82 FXLR (dragbike), '79 FLH, '79 Lowrider, '52 Panhead... plus a collection of motors, frames and other parts.
MSF May 2003
Bought bike ('00 R6) in June 2003
Got license June 2003

Having too much fun on this one to think about another one....
But I DID just get a full size chevy truck so I can haul this one around... Sweeeet! :thumb
RE: bikes owned/ridden

I took MSF March 1999, I think I got my license right after. :confused

I have owned:
2000 EX250 (11 months)
2000 R6 (3 months... stolen!)
2001 R6 (owned since March 2001)

I rode my ex-boyfriend's bikes now and then:
1999 ZX-7
2001 GSX-R 750

Got my motorcycle endorsement back in 1978 - before most of you were even born!! No MSF back then, but I remember being scared shitless taking the driving test. I was a junior in high school and my dad bought us a Honda 90 to ride. If you can believe it - there were three of us girls who used to ride together!! Ohh the memories.

Quit riding when I left home for college and then didn't start again until 4 years ago. It is such a great hobby that has brought so much to my marriage and friendships.

We have 2 FZ1's, 2 KLR's, 2KTM's, 2Aprillas, and a scoot - Aprilia Scarbabeo. I generally pick out the bikes and always buy two, one for hubby one for me. It's funny because when we go into a bike shop the salesmen always talk to my husband and he simply points at me and says "talk to her, she makes the decisions."
MSF September 2000, license about a week later

Bought first bike in Jan 2003 (Suzuki SV650). Still the only one I have. Been to the track with her, and a weekend warrior (no vacation time to utilize) as much as the weather allows. Cold I don't mind too much, but wet..... no thank you :)
TailTamer said:

Quit riding when I left home for college and then didn't start again until 4 years ago. It is such a great hobby that has brought so much to my marriage and friendships.

thats cool:clap
I took the MSF in Oct '00, right after my b/f (now fiance) bought me a '77 KZ650. In April '02, I bought my current bike (my baby :D)- a 2000 Kawasaki ZR-7. We still have the KZ650 - he wanted to keep it for himself.
:D I started riding bikes when i was 17-Honda-XL 125-MTX125, used to ride Hubbies Suzuki SP360. In those days you could ride
up to 250/cc without passing a m/c test. I didn't take my full bike test then .
Now you have to complete a CBT compulsory basic training
before you can ride even a 50cc moped. CBT is where you have to prove to a examiner that your capable of handling the
M/Cycle and you know of basic road sense, before you can be allowed on the road. I took a thing called Direct Access where by you take lessons on a 125 m/cycle- first,then depending on
how good you do you then move to lessons on a 500 ,m/cycle
then take your test.I took 3 lessons on 125's then 8 lessons on
a 500'=Kawa ER500,+Yam/Diversion 600 then passed my test.
That was 4 years ago-Ohh is it that long, ....l o l ..
Then I bought my first big bike-Suzuki Bandit 600,then Honda CB
600 Hornet,THEN Honda CBR 600F4i,Which I have just part ex,d
for the new Honda CB Hornet 600 . In the USA its called the Honda 599. Hubbie -aka-(fasttman) has posted pictures of this new model in the naked/ forum.Phewww thats me done. Sorry for the long post. Cheers;) ;)
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I have been riding almost 3 years. March 8 is the anniversity for me.

My first ride was a Suzuki GS450L, a cute bike and I loved it. I dropped it alot, but it was my first bike. Didn't know how to ride or even drive a car manually so I had to learn everything. :D It was fun.

I practiced for a few months and got my license 2 months before I traded in the Suzuki for my current bike

<---- I love this bike.

I've had this one for a little over 2 years.
Graduated from MSF Class in 2000

Previously Owned:
2000 Honda Rebel
2001 Ducati 600 Monster
2002 Honda XR200 (dirtbike)

Now Own:
1999 Honda CBR600 F4

Also in the Garage:
2000 Honda CBR1100XX (hubby's)
2002 Kawasaki KDX200 (hubby's dirtbike)
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No MSF in Mexico...
Started with a Ninja 600R
Then a Ninja ZX-7 (had both for a while)
sold them both and bought a GSX-R 600. Tried it a couple of weeks.
Rode the Honda Super Hawk and fell in love. Had to have it. It is my current bike.
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