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Hey guys, I wanted to post something that has been hidden within the BMW community.

A client of mine recently purchased the New 2021 BMW R-18, First Edition. My client was excited to finally receive his bike and immediately put a 100 miles on it. However, to our disbelief, we noticed that the left exhaust pipe started to blow blue smoke. We sent the bike back to the BMW dealership that we purchased it from and they had BMW mechanics evaluate the engine.

BMW deemed that the engine had catastrophic failure. After a few weeks, we were told that BMW would only replace the left cylinder head. My client was not happy with the news, as an engine with “catastrophic failure“ should have fully been replaced.

After doing some research, we noticed that not many criticisms/issues have been reported on the these bikes. It seems that BMW is trying to keep negative reviewers silent. However, another manufacturing issue that came up in the motorcycle community is that the fork head screw is not torqued correctly. I have link a video below for you guys, leave a comment and let us know your thoughts!

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