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Breakin' in the New Year, CR style

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Planning on breaking in the new year, doing what we like best: riding. Plan on rolling about 1. Who's with me?
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i am, what was that web site we talked about last night again???

Pics from todays ride.

Some of you will recognize this spot, the Old Pungo Ferry Bridge.
A man, his woman, and his ride.
Aint they cute?
These are some great pics, Mav. I should be a photographer.
Two blondes and a guy.
Two blondes and a really ugly guy.

Check out the donut stripes in the back. Yeah, that's right, the Katana was laying them down!

nah, j/k
The Katana, poised and ready to attack!
Can't wait to do it again tomorrow! and the next, and the next.

Had a great time riding with you today Josh and Beatrice.

Beatrice, hope you have a safe trip, see you in a week.
See ya'll tomorrow and this weekend.
we liked the pix thanks... :) was alot of fun indeed.. ill probably see ya tomorrow give me a call, thanks for showing us around pungo.. oh yeah and the food was good :)
Catch you on the flip side, going over to Whip's to drink cold one.
Hatchman said:
Two blondes and a really ugly guy.
who's the funny looking people on the left?
skr00zloose said:
who's the funny looking people on the left?

you're gonna get it. :laughing
skr00zloose said:
who's the funny looking people on the left?

This coming from a bald tall skinny white boy with giant plates of metal in his head???????????????

Talkin all that shit from Ohio!!!!:redflip
i'll be back tommorrow night
jewls, you goin out tomorrow if brad does right??? my baby leaves me tomorrow :( oh well ill live lol.. hey brad if you get a chance tomorrow give me a call i had a question, dont worry about waking me up im usually up... this morning beatrice wanted to sleep in so we did lol... anyways talk to you tomorrow
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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