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thanks for the vote of confidence. :twofinger I guess the only thing that I have on you espresso is my experience with the board and most of the members. And honestly, how much moderating does this forum need? It's not like there are flames popping up every where in here... But I do have a large fire extinguisher just incase. :D

As long as I have you and Bubba and Zeos around no problem should go unfixed or unsolved! :)

espresso said:
Sheesh, I ask to moderate a forum or two, and don't even get an answer, then Greco shows up with my forum! :D Ah, well. No one wants to let me lead. Soon I'll have my hands full with the books, anyway. ;)

I have not seen hide nor hair of Bubba for some time. We used to chat extensively on AIM, but he's been AWOL for weeks now. :(
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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