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yellof4 said:
How do you do that? I have different software for pics.
I used paint shop pro ( Great software for the money. I'd really like to own a copy of photoshop, but $500 is a bit steep for me.

Anyways, I

- drew the yellof4 font (impact, italics, bold) in pure yellow
- convert font layer to raster
-applied inner bevel, with one of the more angular bevels, and a low height, and a light color of orangish. I originally had a more yellow color, but it looked too washed out with all of the light colors in the pic, hence the more orangish.
- apply drop shadow
- merge all layers (flatten)
- drew two triangles, going off of the picture to make the 45° angles. Black border, white filler.
- Merge all again
- reduce to final 150x? size
- drew in other missing borders using line tool, anti-alias on.
- reduced to 256 color
- chose white as transparent
- saved as .gif, uploaded to you :)

Layers are the key to making good pictures. Once you understand them, and how to manipulate them, you'll be way ahead of me :D
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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