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SportyChick said:
You're friend on the R6 crashed? I saw an R6 crash there, it was pretty bad the damage done to the bike, it was a red/white/black one as well.
Can't confirm whether it's the same R6 you're talking about... but my friend said his bike is still rideable. My gloves survived okay though (I guess)... hole in the thumb and part of the kevlar knuckles broke open:eek:. His Taichi 1-piece suit got pretty mangled from what I hear.

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I heard that is was a very poorly organized event. I wasn't able to go because I was working but I'm glad I didn't since I heard it was $15 just to watch!

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Crazykell said:
I heard that is was a very poorly organized event. I wasn't able to go because I was working but I'm glad I didn't since I heard it was $15 just to watch!
I just got this email from OSR.

My name is Chris "CRASHBURN" of the Ontario Sport Riders ( O.S.R.)
These words that I deliver are based on my own thoughts.
[email protected]

I need to vent and tell a little story of pure lunacy.
Today is Sunday, October 6th and there were a few of the OSR members
out to ride the track on CAYUGA's TRACK DAY.
This was the most horrifying thing that any of us have witnessed.
When we got there an hour early the place was pretty much booked up for
the day. The day was suppose to be 3 sessions of 20 min. each. from
noon- 6:00.

As the day started, so did the CIRCUS.

The beginning.....

Tech consisted of walking up to the table and paying the $110 fee. NOT
ONE THING CHECKED ON ANY BIKE! I hate a super picky tech guy but not to
have one at all is plain STUPID. I've now seen it all. There were bikes
out there with antifreeze, bikes with no tape, others with all mirrors
and kickstands on, full headlights.
So basically If you showed up and you pay......your on!

Next was the entire section of the track covered in concrete dust to
supposedly get rid of some oil spill. Good idea but perhaps the section
of BEACH should have been swept up. This dust caused many slides and a
number of accidents too. It wasn't till the 5th wipeout that they
thought it MIGHT be a good idea to blow it off the track. It was there before
the day started and was left until several accidents and complaints

After the first session started, Myself and about 50 spectators lined
the concrete wall to watch the laps of our fellow riders.

Everyone was in disbelieve, When EVERY TIME an accident happened or a
rider was on the ground, we had to YELL at the flag guy at the start
gate to stop talking to his buddy long enough to do his job and wave the
yellow caution flag.
THEY HAD ONLY 2 FLAG MEN FOR THE WHOLE TRACK. There were two other flag
stations there (with flags) but nobody there to use them. The flags
can't wave themselves !!!
There were times when I was going around and slowed down waving my arms
and legs all over to get the attention of the other riders on the track
due to two separate downed riders on the track. The flagmen didn't see
any of them. They are too busy talking to their buddies. There was a
zx-7 shooting oil all over the track and another bike steaming and
spraying fluid from on overheated rad, not to mention the guy on the track
with his winter jacket, cargo pants, and running shoes. WHAT A JOKE! Do
you think that "peanut" noticed any of it. Everyone else had to disturb
him and point it out. But still not a damn thing was done about it.
By the time they started waving **** ( after the riders take the
initiative of slowing down ) the riders have been on the ground for
approximately 4 min.
I don't know about any of the readers of this........but If I'm on the
ground, hurt, I expect some help making sure I'm not going to get piled
by another bike. Or none of my limbs are busted. Those flag working
idiots would be lucky to notice the nose on there face! YA THAT's

The ambulance ended up being late but they started the event anyways.
That just goes with the rest of the format for this event.
When the ambulance did finally show up he chose the convenient parking
spot just off of the track BEHIND 3 TRUCKS. So.........when the time
comes that you need his assistance, he has to do a 10 point turn in order
to come out to the rescue. Oh Ya, don't forget about the 4 min. delay
due to the eagle eyes from the flag locations.

Next I have to juice up the story by saying that they took the
initiative of adding more sessions. 8 IN TOTAL, 20 RIDERS IN EACH. (session 8
was probably only half full)
So If I do the math right.........that makes 20 minuet sessions. This
works out to be 2 sessions for the day for your $110.00 fee. I overheard
the guy that runs the place say to someone that " ya they are(all
riders) pissed about the number of the sessions going on but I don't care,
they will forget all about it by next season."
Now that makes for great return business!

I started counting the number of bikes on the track. In the one session
that I watched, there were 34 bikes on the track. That means that 14
riders were jumping their turn. ( all the power to them, when your taking
it in the ass, you may as well make the best of it!)
This just goes to show the AWESOME organization of the event.'d be surprised to hear about the very large MOB that gathered
at the sign-in table complaining and requesting their money back. The
operators of the organization kept saying "sorry but we can't do
After several near fights with these clowns, they called the owner and
said " O.K. just call this phone # and leave a message."
So after many more near fights, they decided to call the owner again.
This time he comes back to say that the best they can do is giving
riders half price on the next track day. Mine and several other riders


# of sessions = 8
# of riders/session = 20

# of riders at the track = 160

160 riders pay $110.00 each = $17,600

So.......they made $17,600 dollars for the day and that was just the
amount of money made from the track riders. They also charged our friends
that came to watch (our friends and all other spectators) $15.00 just
to lean against the pit wall and watch their boyfriends / friends /
parents / relatives. There were a freaking ton of people their and I can't
even guess at the number of spectators.

After many heated arguments from the riders to the organizers, they
somehow came up with some refund money ( the same money they said wasn't
on the premises anymore).
They said that they would return $80.00 of the $110.00 ea. to the
riders and wash the event away. ( save some face )
Many just gave up trying for a descent day and took their money and
wrote the day off.
Think of the time you put into your bikes. Think of the money you
spent. Think of the traveling to get there. ( even a few from the states )
Think of the fuel for the truck & trailer and the drinks for the day.


amount of money for the track day = $110.00
The refund = $80.00
The number of riders in attendance that got SCREWED = 160

That leaves a profit of $4800.00 for the track
Givin, they have to pay out wages for BOTH corner workers and the
ambulance for MOST of the day as well as the one in the both at the front
that charges all our spectating friends. Let's be generous and say it
cost them $800.00.
That leaves a profit of $4000.00 ( FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS ) JUST FOR
SCREWING YOU OVER !!!! Not bad. I'm in the wrong line of work I think!

In summary:

The Cayuga road track has gone threw some tough times over the last
while with the municipality and regulations. They look for our support as
customers to help the track make money and grow. I would think that
they would treat all those riders in attendance with much better respect
and service.
Not come out to end up paying for the truck and trailer, drinks,
fuel......bla, bla, bla just to take it in the ASS!

OSR is a Large organized motorcycle club spreading over southwestern
We always appreciate our fellow riders.
Nobody likes to get walked on and nor do any of us.

I wrote these words to let you know of a very wrong doing. And to warn
you of the business attitude of the Cayuga Road course. If this is the
way that they chose to conduct business...........they won't have a
business to worry about.

If you feel the way I do, I recommend to send a "up yours" e-mail to
the head office of Cayuga Raceway and make them aware of your opinion. I
know I will be for sure.

You can direct mail to [email protected]

After this experience and a very similar one at the last Cayuga
organized track day, I won't be attending any others in the future.

The organizer of this particular event.................COULDN'T


Thank you for your reading and I hope I've saved some people the
headache of traveling to Cayuga for a track day.



The Ontario Sport Riders team.

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No I didn't ride up, came up in my truck.

The event was the most unorganized event I ever went to. I refused to pay the $15 just to watch and had one of my friends argue with the lady at the front who ended up letting us in. One of my friends that was in "group 6" only got to go out twice the whole day. They gave him a free track day on November 3. Everyone was pissed off and the owner conveniently left.

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I got that email too and from what I can gather I don't think I'll ever try a track day at Cayuga. I think safety and organization are two pretty huge things to lapse on if you're the organizers of a track day. I'd rather spend my money somewhere that actually cares whether I kill myself or not that day!!!

Just sounded like a big disappointment :(

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and the only reason my friend in the R6 went down was because there was sand in one of the corners... lowsided on his first lap!

If I wanted a track day with sand hazards like sand and dust in the corners, might as well just hit the nearest twisties!

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Hey, yo mofos, get back to work :bluecreep

Yeah. TMP/Cayuga sucks eggs. Grand Bend for drag racing does it for me. Shannonville, otherwise.

Urameatball, nyah, no sand on the nice raods around ShawnM's place. Snake Road and Rattlesnake Point are clean and free of sand/gravel as of last night :D

Even drag racing (cage or bike), I will NOT go to Cayuga. The track hooks less than Grand Bend and too many slow cars/poor organizing. Unless it's a J&P Mustang night (they prep the drag strip well/use lots of VHT) it's just not worth the hassle.

I heard that they may put in a raod course. Woot!

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This is not surprising to hear. I did a track school at Cayuga in the spring that they first put in the road course. When we walked the track in the morning, that hazards you describe (sand) and many others where in plain view. I guess they still have not managed to work it out. The owner was late to arrive and set our day back more than an hour. All in all, I was not impressed. Not to mention, if you thought Shannonville was a flat track, try this one.
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