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I'm so friggin' bored at work and not much is being posted here so I was just checking out Hot Or Not and I found this pick. Is this you, CBRChick? If not, it looks an awful lot like you. :confused
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I dont think it is.:shake
OOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooo, who's that? She's pretty...
How you doing:redflip
Nope... doesn't look like her ~ different nose and eyebrows. CBRChick is more Hot IMO
its not her... I think you knew this and just wanted a reason to post that picture :laughing
wow....too bad I'm at least a decade older than her.
That girl's nice... but Kirsty's better lookin ;)
Kirsty has a different jaw line.
ManaBurrn said:
Kirsty has a different jaw line.
that girl has a jaw? I wasn't lookin... :laughing
Kirsty calls me babe, so she gets my vote for being hotter as well :laughing
This is our CBRCHICK ;)

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I think both are very pretty :D
Apocolypse said:
This is our CBRCHICK ;)

Definitely not her but I would like to see them together with some leather on to make an informed decision!

Grrl said:
Kirsty's better lookin ;)
+1 :D
Id need to see a cleavage shot of Kirsty to be sure. :D
Indeed, a cleavage shot is going to be necessary.

That girls nose is upturned and kirsty's is not.
Hot, yes, but not Kirsty.
Kristy is so much cuter. :hornball :hornball
1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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