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I have two complete sets of these headsets. Only used once. Spouse didn't have the patience to test them ;)

Willing to trade for a set of tire warmers, or stands.

The Multi-Sport communicator’s uses are endless but its most radical feature is its range: up to two full miles!
The FRS uses frequency modulated (FM) transmission for crystal-clear communication and its voice activated for super convenience
The state-of-the art electronics and shock resistant casing make the FRS not only reliable but strong enough to withstand even tough off-road riding conditions
Low battery indicator light
Voice activated for hands-free operation
Two channels plus Full Duplex Intercom
3.6 volt Ni-MH rechargeable battery
Fits any helmet including off-road and open-face designs or clip it on your belt and its uses are really something to talk about
Choose either Full-Face or Open-Face Helmet application
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