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Check out my bling-ass 6R

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So it was nice and sunny out - since I can't ride it yet due to no insurance/registration, I took it out of the garage, washed her a little bit, put the corbin on it, then goofed around with the camera a little bit. So I finally took some pics that do the bike some justice :) (minus the scuffs on the mirror, gonna have to replace that sucker in the spring). I put some pics up in this thread:
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beauty is in the eye of the beholder..............................
The corbin is nice. I haven't done any real riding on it, but it feels a lot more comfortable when sitting on it. On the other hand, I'm on the short side (5"6), and it didn't really help flatfoot any better than the stock. I'd say it feels about the same, and when pushing the bike around for parking purposes it's actually a little less pleasent for me because I have to really grip the sides of the bike with my thighs to get some good leverage, and because the corbin is wider/harder it digs into my thighs in a slightly unpleasent fashion. But it's a minor neusence, the seat IS a lot more comfortble, and because of the way it's shaped and uses a different material, I think my family jewels will be better off due to less forward sliding when braking hard, etc. Might not be the best seat for the track, though.
Just got a Corbin for my Girl's 636. I too am hoping it will help her flat foot the bike (it's pretty close to the same shape as the stock). Though mainly hoping it's a lot more comfortble than the stocker. Find out in a couple of months. :(

Quality is top notch. Definitely heavier than the stocker, but hardly an issue. Plus despite all I've heard, Corbin's Customer Service was fine.

All in all, for just over $200 it made for a great Xmas gift. Besides, I hardley need one on my comfy 9R. :nanana

Pretty wild scheme, though I'm not a fan of the color green (ya, I know its Kawi). Red and black would be :thumb

that looks niiiice:D
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