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Check this out

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Here's a link the a web site for Rt125 stunt team..

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Decifer said:
Where is rt125?
Look up "shamokin" on mapquest, 125 runs south out of there. It's a haul from Philly. It's a great road, but the ride to/from there is not very exciting, except that you can stop off and see the ghost town of Centralia on the way.
Tal must be a part of the Rt 125 stunt team !:eek
I go out thare with my truck club to go wheeling all the time. Can you deliverince. I have seen some scary pepple out thare.
Jason said:
Tal must be a part of the Rt 125 stunt team !:eek
Not yet Jason, but I sure one day I'm good enough at my little wheelies to be affiliated with a team of that caliber. That would be totally awesome. Its all about the safe baby steps.
We have some roads just as nice up here.

I grew up near Rt125 - not bad. Cops are starting to come out though.
i hear d last year they were cracking down hard on 125.. doug and 2 other guys went up there turned around after 3 bikers said cops were handing tickets out for such as having a dirty chain......:shake
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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