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Well, it's high time I post about where I got my bike:

Chenango Imports in Yorkville (Utica), NY.

They are a class 1 outfit for new and used bikes (sportbikes, cruisers, sport-touring, dirtbikes, scooters, etc) as well as jet-skis, snow mobiles, four-wheelers...

They have the best prices in the area (that I could find) on bikes.

***Accessories: they do have a decent selection, but their prices are a bit high (although, in the area, they're pretty reasonable); on that, save your money and order from :thumb***

The customer service is pretty decent, and they'll be able to tell you almost anything about any bike you can think of (though you will find one or two there who will ignore you until you ASK for help which kind of irks me; there's a fine line there though between being too pushy and being aloof :shrug). That's about it :)
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