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Christmas ride

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Rode yesterday and it was nice, today may be a little bit colder but me and my bro are hitting the streets. Anyone else take it out for the holiday?
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So 33F is possible for me and the bike. Warming up for the ride home there was frost on my seat. It was less than 10 minutes home and in that time I was starting to get chilled. I wore a tee-shirt, sweatshirt, Spidi G-slider jacket, Firstgear carbon gloves, thermal underpants, jeans, quilted nylon pants, two pair socks and Spidi XP-D boots, neck gator and VR-1 helmet. I need something more for my neck as the fleece gator at low temps like this lets the wind filter through. Once my neck started getting chilled it affected everything else though my legs stayed toasty. I found the quilted nylon pants at target and they are great over jeans. Looks like I will indeed ride year round. Might take electric gloves or grips to cure my cold fingers, I've never had luck keeping my hands warm in any case.
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You could cut down a little on the gear and wear a rainsuit over your normal gear. Keeps the wind out.
No matter what this bike thing will cost me mo$mo$mo$mo$!
I've ridden the past couple days.....its not been too bad with full leathers and longjohns :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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