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Christmas riding ... and I am still alive

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I really thought today I was going to be a slimy smudge on the side of a cage.

Here in Sydney, the weather is spectacular and good for riding early in the morning. Unlike past years, the weather is not so hot and today, we had early morning thunderstorms. And it was a great ride into town from my place out in the boonies. I love riding in the elements and in the heart of Sydney, the Royal Botanic Gardens and around the various bays give you a great vantage point to watch the storms sweep across the waters. There's just something about the sight.

So my problem was coming back. Storms had passed and the roads were mostly dry. I was happily cruising home. Coming up to a two-lane T-intersection with lights, I'm coming across the top of the T, a car coming in the opposite direction. Lights go orange but both of us are too close to stop comfortably. Remember, we drive on the left hand-side downunder. Car comes barreling in from the left and I'm thinking, she isn't going to stop despite the fact her lights haven't gone yet. I already had my brakes lightly on as years of anticipating other people on the roads just makes me a little cautious.

Sure enough, she comes straight through and hooks a right. If I'd have continued at speed I would have been in her front grill. As it was, I slowed and ducked to the left, and behind her, and straightened up to continue through the intersection. But it was disconcerting seeing the broadside of a car. As it was, I felt sure I was going to be sprayed with debris when she hit the other car. She missed that too.

So I'm glad someone was watching out for me today. I really don't like holiday drivers. :eek
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be careful out there,

and please trade weather with us for the next 3 months, so I can ride my new bike.:p
I don't think I want to trade weather, but thanks for the offer. Hope you get an early spring though. Today was a cool day, particularly for summer - about 16C now (10:30 pm), but ranged from 15C to 25C with gusty winds dropping the temperature. Good for riding as long as you aren't phased by the wind. It's particularly fun over bridges - I've been over the Spit, the Roseville, the ANZAC, the Gladesville, the Iron Cove and the Sydney Harbour bridges today.

It looks like we've got another couple of days with these sorts of temperatures so I'm going to make the most of it - hopefully with no more crazy cage incidents. The nice thing here is that we can pretty much ride all year round. :D
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