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Christmas tree

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is down. :nanana

y'all give me shit for putting it up early... I'm ready for the shit for takin' it down early! :crackup
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Mine will be down tomorrow, probably.
christmass tree? we were supposed to have them out? i think i missed something BIG :rolleyes
New years.. if I'm not too bombed... :D
:laughing :laughing I'm taking a break from taking mine down. I think I should have all the decorations off in another hour but I think I'm going to leave the lights on till after New Years.
I usually like to take mine down right before the New Year. Its kinda been the only ONE tradition that I've grown up with that actually stuck.
I've kept mine up as late as January 15th. Of course, I didn't put mine up til late this year.
I normally wouldn't take it down until the 2nd, but since we won't be here. :shrug :laughing
I'm tired of seeing it in the living room. I need it to be gone. Maybe tomorrow.
I never had one to begin with :shrug
ziadel said:
I never had one to begin with :shrug
not even a house plant? :D
Just put ours back in its 2 boxes. Split it in the mddle and put each section in the boxes with all lights and ornments still on.:D:D:D
Not coming down today. Too nice. I'm going RIDING! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
We leave ours up for however long we feel like. Usually till sometime after the New Year. I like having it up.
Mine hasn't left the attic since the ex still lived here. I'm not too big on X-mas.
I took mine down after the kids opened their gifts Christmas morning.:laughing

I got my living room back!!!!!
I didn't put one up this year for several reasons but mostly because there was not gonna be a christmas celebration at my house this year. The kids and I did Christmas at my parents house and then they went straight to their dads for the holiday, so just didn't see the point in messing with it this year.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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