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Colin Edward Deal With Aprilia Moto GP

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Looks like there a great chance & negotiations that Edwards MAYBE? riding for Aprilia.

Check it out heres article:

Collin speaks in his own Website about issue
click here to read:
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I wish he would just sign with someone already this speculation is getting old!:confused I would still like to see him on a Honda.
I for one am going to LOVE seeing him on an Aprilia. :D :D
I do wish he'd land somewhere already. All this hopping around is almost annoying. I think he's just squeezing Honda for alittle more money, and some payback over leaving him out to dry for so long.

BTW, moved this to Finish Line, where we talk about racing stuff alittle more.
I would love to see him ride for Aprilia. I think the Cube is a great bike...just needs a great rider to prove it. Cant wait for next year!!
I read somwhere the other day that Colin will definately be in MotoGP next year, just not sure which team. Colin said that in order for Ducati to release him from his WSBK contract he had to sign a waiver saying he wouldn't race in WSBK next year.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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