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Congrats Ace789

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Congrats to Ace!!! He's the new proud father of a baby girl!!!:thumb
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:clap :clap :clap Congradumalations Ace!! :clap :clap :clap
Congratulations on the new mini-Ace-ette!
Give your wife a hug for me.
:clap Congratulations!:D
Congratulations to both parents :thumb :clap :clap
:dance4 :dance4 Congratulations :dance4 :dance4
Congrats!!!:clap :clap :clap
that's wonderful!!! :clap congrats :clap
Yo Ace, congrats to u and your wife! Where's my cigar???:laughing
Congrats...Good luck with her...
I am a proud aunt as well... My 5 week old niece...Amani
awwww Congrats kid!
Thanks to you all !!! I'll try to gat a pic up ASAP. thanx again
A little late here, but congrats Ace. Very cool holida gift :D
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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