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We finally finished updating the FEMMOTO website :clap , there are probably a few errors here and there and we'll be adding more info too. I put out a TON of pictures from the '02 & '03 events - they are on the Femmoto Events page.

BTW... STT new site with 2004 schedule has been loaded.

But anyway - I've been working on some CycleAngel banners to use on the site and to share.

MY QUESTION IS - Didn't we have some funky saying with the logo?? Something like "fast and low with our hearts aimed high" .....


I'll add it to the banner.

Here is a raw banner. I'll be making a page with a bunch of different ones that anybody can grab and use.

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I thought we decided on "two wheels free the soul" :confused ?
:clap :clap Love the Banner
we never picked anything cause everyone bitched and moaned about what to use SOOOO :p nancy wanna help come up with something hehehe

/sry I missed this thread
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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