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Hi all, This isn't an advertisement, I'm actually trying to give something away!

I work for a company called Datatool based in the UK and we are looking for some enthusiatic Motorcycle riders on the East Coast to try some our stolen vehicle trackers out. There is no cost to yourselves, we will send you out the tracker, all we ask in return is some feedback on how the device is performing. If you interested then please don't hesitate to give me an email [email protected]

We are the offical supplier to Honda, Triumph, Yamaha and BMW here in the UK and recover 96% of vehicles that we track and would like to start offering this in America but first we want to give it road test in the USA.

You can find our more about us and what we do here - Datatool Stealth S5 | Monitored Motorcycle Tracking - Datatool

Thanks for your time.

Datatool Operations Manager
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