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daytona suspension

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is anyone running the MCN suspension setup from i think mine is too stiff even with the shortened dogbones for raised rear ride height. i only weigh ~165 and i keep feeling like i'm going to get flung off the seat over bumps. i've even got a nice racking on the tank. :eek: i guess it's wierd that even for track use, they say softer is better...i always thought it would be the other way around.
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You'll never really be able to smooth it out well. Our suspension has way too much low speed compression damping. This makes it feel very harsh over sharp bumps.
Almost impossible to dial it out without the bike getting wallowy and slushy feeling.
Do you have the correct sag adjusted (spring preload)? At your weight, you should be within the front springs range and maybe a little oversprung out back.
Get that done and then play with the adjusters and keep notes while doing it.
Cheers, Lee S.
I have yet to meet someone who has had good results with "published" suspension settings. It has to be set up for you and your riding style alone. Do a web search for motorcycle suspension and you'll get all the info you need. Step 1 - set the sag. It's the foundation to getting everything else set up correctly.

I used to always ride around with the preload way too stiff, until the articles taught me that most of the problems I thought I was solving with stiff preload could have been better handled with rebound/compression dampening adjustments.
Thats why im saving for a new rear shock.
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