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Dick Clarke

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anyone notice, how dick clarke looks the same as he did in the 50's ..

I tell you why, hes not human.
that right, hes not human.
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haha. this reminds me of a story. i was on 45th street during new year's of '98. i actually got about a two block area to chant with me. i lead a cheer "gimme a D!" gimme an I!" and so forth. well, i actually got about 10000 people to collectively say "what do we want? DICK!" :laughing

my friends nearly pissed themselves laughing. the canadians in our group loved it. crazy canucks!

besides, i'd think you'd support your fellow immortals. :twofinger
LOL, someone had a sign last year that read "TEXAS GIRLS LOVE DICK!" I've already seen one this year that says "C'MON DICK DROP YOUR BALL!"
LMAO!! Some group of girls just answered the why are you here question. "We want to see Dick's ball drop!"

I love people!!!:laughing
Dick is a robot. It's no surprise. I mean Ted Turner is a Halogram:shrug
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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