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Did Santa bring you any Buell goodies?

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Mine got the paint job, a new black windshield and a new front tire for Christmas. Was your Buell naughty or nice?
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Hee, hee...I am glad you painted your XB9R because Santa brought me a battle-blue 2003 model XB9R of my own! Well, maybe not Santa; with the help of Scott of Scott's Cycles in Lynnville, TN I was able to haul home the "new" bike.
Congrats on the buy! Scott is a pretty cool guy. I almost got a 2nd bike from him last summer.
Sure did. Buell jacket, tank bag and a nice winter weight set of gloves. Mrs Claus is a very cool lady. =)
not me. Im gonna bypass santa and buy the 12 airbox myself
$100.00 gift card to the local Buell/HD shop. Maybe I can get a T-shirt:rolleyes
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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