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I'm deploying to NTC Jan 6th so if it's not paid for by than it's no longer for sale

Well I thought it was sold but the deal seems to have fallen through, so here it is again...

First on the lot is this fabulous Canon powershot s45 digital camera with accessories:
This amazing s45 digital camera.
Accessories: 3 nb2l (lithium) battery's, wall charger and 2 flash cards (128 and 32 megs), 5 card multi reader, cleaning kit, carrying case, small tripod and some other stuff.
Will sell for $420 + shipping (Package cost me a little over 800 back in feb)

01 GSXR 600 parts, fairing, undertail, parts that are good to have etc.
Gear & Accessories such as Boots, stands, tools, etc
Will Trade for other electronics
Anything else you may think is interesting
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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