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Directions for those that are comin' over

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Ok folks, I won't go into much detail since you all know Charlotte.

The physical address is 3141 Kalamath Glen Court.

To get there, take Harris Blvd (exit 45a). Coming from the I-85 direction you'll eventually come to a stop light at Grier Rd. Turn left onto Grier. Maybe a mile down the road you'll come to the neighborhood, it should have GL on the wall for Glen Laurel. Turn left there onto Nicolet. Go to the stop sign and turn left onto Tweedsmuir. Then goto the second left and turn onto Kalamath. We're at the end of the street. You can't miss the big rider truck. :p

We're going to get started pretty much when we wake up (Saturday), around 8 or so. So come anytime you guys/gals can get your butts outta bed. With 4 or more folks, we'll be done unloading in 2 hours easy. So far I've got Sig, Boomer, TLStreak, Kerry and I believe one or two more. Feel free to come on over and goof off for awhile even if you can't help. It'll be good seeing all of you again :D

BTW, my new phone # will be 921 2521. The truck is all packed and we're ready to hit the road tomorrow. Hope and pray the trip is uneventful! I'll check the boards tomorrow morning before I hit the road. Hope everyone had a great New Years!
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Waiting to take the box apart at the last minute Clay:laughing Get some sleep, youll live here tomorrow;)
Looks like I'll be making a late appearance saturday.

Have to go with my parents to a funeral. :shake
Clay, lemme be the first to say, welcome to Traffic Hell! :laughing

Seriously though...welcome to town bud.

I will be there...and can be there tomorrow, after your arrival to help start the preliminary unload.

Drop me a dime on the celly once you get into the K-ville area, so I will know you are only 4 hrs. out.
Clay I HAVE to go to my boys first basketball game tomorrow at 11am. Since my schedule has now changed to me starting to work Saturdays again next weekend this will be the only one I can attend BUT I will hit the road directly afterwards if theres a need. The travel time would take me 2 hours to get to Charlotte so my arrival would be at best 3pmish. Boomer has my cell number so yall just call me if my assistance is needed that late.
I will probably be there :thumb
Dont make the drive Brent, by the time you get there it will be all over. Should be almost done before lunch.
Dr.Dover said:
I will probably be there :thumb
Give me a call you ass clown...I have left you a message at your crib and you never called back......I might be down to go if I am up. Let me know how your getting there. Also CJ's tomorrow night...u down?
CrazyR6man said:
Give me a call you ass clown...I have left you a message at your crib and you never called back......I might be down to go if I am up. Let me know how your getting there. Also CJ's tomorrow night...u down?
Never got the message :shrug I am thinking of catching a ride with Kerry scince he is driving right past my exit on the way up . I will more than likely be willing a ready to go to CJ's too just got to check out my fundage !
TL I was gonna just wait and see if yall called and needed my late help. Thats what I will do. If I dont hear from yall I wont head that way.
Well after taking the bike out and washing off a little salt from yesterday and cleaning the chain I noticed the BT001's wear out incredable too damn quick for my taste. A quick call to our friendly parts guy to see if the shop was open and I got a new rear and a hook up on a nice front to match. So ill be scrubing in the new diablo's tomorrow on the way in, maps are printed out along with the phone #.

Ill try and rollout about 0700-0730 that should put me down that way about 10am hopefully sooner. I went and topped off already and found that the roads are a little slick from fog, but ill be there.
Who's on map duty?:confused :laughing
Aight...I am up...albeit kicking and screaming. Once the pups are taken care of, I will go get cleaned up, and will be on the road shortly. Clay, expect me around 0830.

SOMEBODY bring lottttttts of coffee! ;)
Sorry I couldn't pop by this morning. I was all set to go for an hour ride or so just to stop in and say hi, but no luck since my parents are in town. I may get a chance later this afternoon though, but I doubt it. You guys still need any help tomorrow morning? I think I'm free for a few hours possibly.
I should have stayed!

When I met Bob this morning, I went to get off the bike and it roller forward a little and fell on it's side. So, Boomer, you have the last picture of the mint VFR. Anyone know where I can get Silver touch up paint?
Rule 1# ALWAYS when putting the kickstand down and leaning the machine on it give it light pull backward. Happen to me in 88 and done it that way ever since.
Just now finally got on the net. Stupid time warner... :rant

Anyhow, thanx for all the help for those of you that showed up. I really appreciate it! We've got most of the stuff unpacked now and it's starting to resemble an actual house instead of a DMZ. We'll start seein' you all more often!
Was good to see you again Clay, sorry I couldnt be of more help:(
TLstreak said:
Was good to see you again Clay, sorry I couldnt be of more help:(
Streak, you know you wanted to show up when the work was done.:nanana Nice meeting you Clay.:thumb I need to get some dryer vent tube for my ram air too.:laughing
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