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[DIRT] Cycle Ranch Sat. 12/27

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We've already got a pretty big group going if anyone else wants to join us. The weather s/b great, and I'm looking forward to flogging the 250 now that I have it setup and learned how to ride it. I'll be spending tonight in New Braunfels w/o net access, so call me @ 512.695.1127 if you want to join us.

I'll be in a dark red TRD Tundra w/ a CRF250, #45.
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I guess its useless, but were supposed to go, went to paradise today.
The Dirt of the Gods blessed all of those that entered the holy temple of MX.

Every bone and muscle in my body hurts, and all I can think about is when is the next time we can return?

Cycle Ranch Rules!!!!

Does that mean you're out for ADVMX tomorrow? Please say no, b/c I came home from the party @ Baby A's early tonight so I'd be good for riding w/ y'all tomorrow!

But yeah, Cycle Ranch totally kicked ass today. :thumb I don't think I've ever ridden more MX in one day than I did today...but I'm still ready to go out and make tomorrow three days in a row! :D
Naw, I'm just being a whiner, my ankle hurts like hell. But if I can walk down and hitch my trailer to the truck I'm in for Del Valle.

So practice either you motivational speech, or give me some serious smack when we talk in the morning....

Great ride today!!!!

I saw you leaving today as i was pulling is chris. Green chevy with xr400 #48 and KX 250 #40
sancha749 said:
I saw you leaving today as i was pulling is chris. Green chevy with xr400 #48 and KX 250 #40
You arrived ~4pm? Wow, that's not much time to ride...hope you had fun anyway!
nah, we were there at about 2:30, maybe it was a diff TRD
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