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Do you know anyone who has had an organ transplant?

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Do you know anyone who has had an organ transplant?

Did you know anyone who donated organs?

Do you know anyone waiting for an organ transplant?
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yes, my best friends son who had passed away donated

yes, a friend of the family needs a kidney
in addition, because of this, i have put myself in for donation if anything where to happen to me.

though no one would want my liver ;)
i try to donate my organ to anyone willing to take it.:redflip
:crackup Karl

My bloodtype is on file for bone marrow transplants. Other than that, after I pass, I'll donate anything except my eyes. For some reason I just feel wiggy about that. :shrug
We donated my Dad's corneas.
Several years later my Mom got cornea transplants.

Due to the meds they had both been given they were unable to donate anything else. :(

I am an organ donor!
yes my aunt had a kidney transplant.
no, I didn't get to meet the donar.
yes, my mother is on the waiting list for a kidney as well.
re: transplants

My co-worker had a kidney transplant about ten years ago. She was in her late 20's at the time. I know they told her it wouldn't last her until "old age"... but I don't remember how long they quoted her. For some reason I am thinking 15 years, which will be in the next 4-5 years already. :(
I lost an organ. :D
I am supposed to be in process of being on a list for a pancreas but I have still heard nothing

Peace Out
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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