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Drew's next wreck

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I wrecked again. My arm kinda hurst so I don't want to type a whole lot right now, but here is the short of it:

Gear: Helmet, gloves, tshirt, liner, sweatshirt, jeans, sweatpants, military boots

Coming out of the rave, stopping at the red light and the front tire slid and the bike dove (again) The bike went between the two lanes of traffic, hit a car, and went on across 29 into the Ruby's parking lot. I tumbled a bit and didnt hit any cars (thankfully) and stood up. There were a lot of helpful and concerned people.

The FHP came as did an ambulance and a fire truck (to clean up the gas). I got a ticket for careless driving and I will be sued for the damages to the car, seeing as I dont have insurance.

I have rash on my arm, but nothing bad. I hurt my hip and my back (the back is pretty bad).

I have no more bike. I'll try to take some pics tomorrow. It is so gone.

I don't think I will do an more street riding. I am going to buy a 600 and be a track whore.

I hurt.
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:( sorry bro...i posted on GRC for you...hope things get better:(

If there is anything I can do let me know.:(
things can only get better from here man... its been a stressful couple of months. This is the valley, time to start back up the hill.
Drink some coke, sing some more Christmas carols and everything will be better in the morning.

I am sorry about the wreck. :( I hope you feel better.
dame it drew.......cold know about that:rant :rant :rant :( :( :(
well bill... wisdom comes with age... and failure

i learn a lot more from my mistakes than from my successes...

maybe when I am your age I will be an expert at this... till then, ill learn all i can.

Don't worry bout me guys, attitude is everyhting... and while i may not be wise, i have a good attitude.. :D :D :D :D
well thats a good attitude to have...atleast you got one good thing going for you....LOL....but hey who am i to talk....i wreck almost as much as you do...LOL:crackup
add to the old adage...

if bill can wheelie it, jackson can stoppie it, and drew can wreck it :D
and if that don't work give it to ron...LOL:laughing
glad your ok drew.. bikes can be replaced.. :( hope everythign works out bro.. i'll talk atcha later
Darn we are dropping like flies around here.

we did this last week at the same spot didnt we?
must be all those oil leaking harleys going to their shop around the corner.

glad your ok man.
i am so sore! I am, however, fine. I can walk/move fine and I am really lucky I didnt hit a car. So, in comparison to how close I got to dying, I am doing great everyone! Thanks for all the kind words (even when Blake called me reckless :D:D)
where is whats left of the bike???:(
in thegarage at the house... I am going to sell the motor (unless I make a go-cart out of it hahaha) and I am goin to give the rest to Mark (The only parts left are: two wheels, both with a few scratchs, but no dents. My new s/s brake lines. All the rotors (that have been overheated too many times). Front forks, rear shock, complete lockset, and a triple tree. I might sett the forks and triple tree myself too, but I am letting the rest of the parts go to mark. One day he will need parts for his bike, I just know it.
I hope you're feeling better Drew. Let me know if I can do anything to help.
Danielle said:
I hope you're feeling better Drew. Let me know if I can do anything to help.
:jawdrop :hornball
use2b said:
:jawdrop :hornball
:p :D ;) :laughing :crackup :clap :lol :) :toofunny :rolling
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